Happy Monday!! (i know, it’s such an oxymoron)

I was recently introduced to the 12 week Slimpod Gold Program by Thinking Slimmer so I decided to give it a go and see what happens. This is the very start of my weight loss journey so I’m pretty excited to see what this program can do! The premise of the program is to listen to these podcasts (so 10 minutes a day) every single day in order to change your way of thinking when it comes to food, exercise and stress in a more positive manner.

Well before we get this thing a going, let me give you some background information. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my weight has always been a HUGE struggle. I’ve always been a bigger girl. Always. I don’t ever remember a time where I was skinny or was in a healthy weight range. Maybe in elementary school? I honestly don’t ever remember a time. My biggest issue is food. Hands down. I’m an emotional and mindless eater. A HORRIBLE combination. I also have this weird thing that I absolutely have to finish my plate. I think it has something to do with the fact my parents would never let us get up from the table until our plate was finished. And it doesn’t help the fact that I’m incredibly picky. Vegetables are soooo not my thing. I’m hoping Slimpod can really help me fix these huge issues!

Here is a rough time line of my up and down weight journey:
February 2007 – I was 16 years old and 260lbs. My dad actually bought me a personal trainer for my birthday, I finally decided to make a life change.
August 2009 – I was 18 and with 70lbs down and 3 half marathons under my belt, I was at my lowest weight to date at 190lbs. I felt soooo incredibly good. But this was a time in my life where I was truly all alone for the very first time, I had moved several hours away from my family and my weight loss was no longer a priority. Paying the bills and school were all of a sudden a new priority and weight loss got put on the back burner. Cue in the mindless and emotional eating.
August 2012 – 21 years old and back up 50 lbs. So that put me at 240. This is when I was truly heartbroken for the first time but it this is also when I met my wife, who is a fantastic cook and for some reason thinks I’m always going hungry. So between my heart being cut in half and then a brand new relationship. Sooo much emotional eating.
November 2015 – 24 years old and I gained another 70. Putting me allllllll the way up at 333lbs. This is when I get pregnant.
July 2016 – 25 and I was exactly 350lbs the day I delivered my son. My heaviest weight to date.

Which brings us to today’s stats and the starting numbers for this program!
Weight: 333.9 lbs
Neck: 16 1/4 in.
Bust: 57 3/4 in.
Waist: 54 in.
Hips: 64 1/4 in.
Arms: Right: 18 7/8 in Left: 17 1/4in
Thighs: Right: 34 1/4 in Left: 30 1/4 in (yay for lopsidedness I guess!
Shirt Size: 2X/3X
Pants: 26/3x (I honestly haven’t put on a pair of regular jeans since getting pregnant with my son, before I was pregnant I was in a size 24 and they were a bit tight so I know I’m at least a 26)

The first thing the program wants you to do is set realistic goals for myself. So these are my 3 goals I would like to achieve in the next 12 weeks.
– I would like to lose 24lbs
-I would like to be in solely a 2x
– I would like to be in a size 22 pant/jean

I don’t know if you guys will truly understand how much it took for me to write that out and to post this. This is something I am so ashamed of. I want to make a change. I NEED to make a change. I refuse to have my son grow up with a fat mommy who can’t ride rides with him at parks. But this is why I am so excited to start to this program. I can’t wait to listen to my first slimpod tonight! And I will for sure be keeping you all updated a long the way!



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My name is Amanda and I am married to my lovely wife and we have a wonderful son together! I enjoy a little bit of everything, but I am a little obsessed with being a mom, fertility/pregnancy, and being organized!
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55 thoughts on “Thinking Slimmer – Slimpod Gold 12 Week Program – The Journey Begins

  1. Wow now that is a great birthday gift. These up and down journeys are real so thank you for being so open to us readers. I’m currently doing a detox and a journey as well. I have been getting so much stronger and happier too.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story! I’m on a similar journey. I’ve been heavy my whole life. I lost 70 pounds 5 years ago, but then, stopped working towards my goals. Gained back 50 pounds and my ACL gave out on me. Now, with a knee reconstruction, trying to lose weight for good this time for my health.

  3. It sounds like a really interesting program. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it as it gets underway. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you! I’ve never done anything like this before and it seems so simple so I’m eager to see what really happens!

  4. I am so happy that you are taking this step towards bettering your health, fitness, and overall life! I wish you the best. Stay focused and remember NOT to compare your journey with others. Trust the process and timing of your progress. All the best!

    I’m a Certified Fitness Trainer. If you ever need help/advice/encouragement, feel free to message me.

  5. Great post, all the best with your weight loss journey. I am trying to lose some extra weight as well and I know how hard it can be.

  6. I think this is so admirable and taking good are of yourself and enjoying time with your Family is so wonderful! You got this!

  7. Hi Amanda. I know that feeling. I’m 35 and also had a lifetime dealing with my weight. Is there a link to the podcast? I cant find it in your post.

  8. For sure if we can change our mental attitude towards food, exercise and stress it will go a long way to enable us to achieve our goals. Good luck with the programme and look forward to seeing how you get on 🙂

  9. Food is always an issue with me. I’m not big, for me it’s the evening. I snack terribly.
    Good luck in your journey.

  10. Amanda, thank you so much for being brave and putting this out there. I know how hard that is. I am old enough to be your mom and I have had weight problems most of my life as well. Last time 2 years ago I tipped the scale at 278 and being onlly 5’2 thats a lot for my frame. My blood pressure was through the roof and they put me on pills. I decided NO MORE. I started a blog like you and set small goals. I am now at 224.4 as of this morning. I was down to 217 but then lost my job and for 6 weeks kind of went out of control. I am back in the drivers seat now and have lost 3 of the 9 lbs I gained. You can do this and you are not alone! If you want to read my blog is http://www.rottiesreductions.blogspot.com. Im gonna keep coming back and reading your posts. I hope we can do this together. You for your son, me for my kids and my grandson. xoxoxoxoxox Rottie

    1. Thank you so much for the enouragement! And Congratulations!! That is awesome!! I will definitely be following your journey as well!

  11. Good luck! I know that losing weight is not easy. I’m trying to loose some as well. My boy is almost 7 months and I have still some kg’s to loose. Maybe I need to try that kind of programs. Can’t wait to see your results

    1. Thank you!! Good luck on your journey too!! I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes while I was pregnant and that was a HUGE wake up call for me! Luckily, it has sense gone away but now my chances of having type 2 have skyrocketed.

  12. It’s very brave of you to share your story and I wish nothing but good luck. I’ll be looking forward to you achieving your goals!

  13. So happy to hear that you found a program to help you achieve your goals. As the times change it is becoming so difficult to eat healthier and maintain a low weight. Too much modifications made to foods and unhealthy foods are becoming much more expensive than healthy foods. Wish you continued success. You look amazing by the way 🙂

    1. Aw well thank you!! And you are right, it is becoming so much harder! And plus with a new baby, it is 10x easier to grab a $5 fast food meal than to make healthy things at home, that sometimes even cost more. It just takes total commitment and I think I’m there!

  14. Goodluck on your Journey! And keep these things in mind dear
    1. No skipping meals
    2. Drink enough water
    3. 80% diet, 20% exercise
    4. Discipline
    5. Love yourself

    Maybe a teaser to what you’ll hear and do. =)

  15. Go girl! Wishing you for the best result.. I love your determination to achieve your goal..

  16. Ahhh that’s awesome!!!! You should start lifting!!! Lifting is awesome because muscle burns fat as your sitting and resting!!!! It’ll help tone up too (: the pod cast sounds like a wonderful idea too! Check out some of my lifting blog posts (:

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