Sorry I’m a day late but.. 1 week down! 11 more to go! I will have to be honest with you all and say 2 of the days this week I did fail to listen to my Slimpod ๐Ÿ™ My goal has been to listen to them at night but when I finally get the baby to go to sleep and then get everything we need gathered for the night, it just slips my mind. I may switch to listening to it whenever I have a chance this week and see if that does better for me.


But despite not listening for a couple of days, I do think it is working. How do I know? Well, not 1, not 2, not 3 but ALL 7 days this week I stayed under my calorie budget I set for myself. This is actually huge for me! I don’t know how many times I have started a week saying I was going to keep track of my calories but by the end of it I had given up because I’d gone over a few of the days. And there were several days this week that I could have easily gone over but I chose not to. I am incredibly proud of myself!

Part of the Slimpod Program is that you write down 3 successes you had for that day. Here’s a sample of what some of mine were over the past week:
*Kept under my calorie budget
*Listened to my slimpod
*Didn’t dip into the candy bowl at work
*Did not eat the mouth-watering snickerdoodle bread that a coworker brought in (that sat right in front me the whole day, mind you!)
*Didn’t have dessert
*Did not get a shake at one of our favorite burger joints

Now as you can probably tell, a lot of those have to do with sweets. Sweets has been my Achilles heel. Always. So it’s cool to see me already making progress and having the power to say no.

Another change I am starting to notice is that at the very first of the week I was thinking about food all day long. Like it was taking some serious will power to restrain, but the past few days I have barely thought about it. I look down and it’s noon and haven’t been counting down the minutes to lunch time yet. I think this is the biggest improvement I’ve noticed yet.

One thing I am still struggling with, however, is the scale. One of Slimpod’s suggestions is to not step on the scale but to just use inches but I have been stepping on that scale every single day, without fail, since I was 16. Maybe even before that. So this is an incredibly hard habit for me to break. I just HAVE to know. But I’m working on it.

With that being said, here are my numbers for the week:
Weight: 332.5 (down 1.4 lbs )
Neck: 16 3/4 in. (up 1/2 in.)
Bust: 56 3/4 in. (down 1 in.)
Waist: 52 in. (down 2 in.)
Hips: 64 3/8 in. (up 1/8 in.)
Arms: Right: 18 1/2 in. (down 3/8 in.) Left: 16 1/2 in. (down 3/4 in.)
Thighs: Right: 34 in (down 1/4 in.) Left: 33 3/4 in (down 1/2 in.)
Shirt Size: 2X/3X (Same)
Pants: 26/3X (Same)

So in total I have lost 1.4lbs and down 4 1/8 inches. I am definitely headed in the right direction! Now I’m pumped to get Week 2 started!


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My name is Amanda and I am married to my lovely wife and we have a wonderful son together! I enjoy a little bit of everything, but I am a little obsessed with being a mom, fertility/pregnancy, and being organized!
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9 thoughts on “Thinking Slimmer – Slimpod Gold 12 Week Program – Week 1

  1. I would love to target some problem areas on my arms and thighs. I’ve never heard of the Slimpod Program before but it sounds like an encouraging way to a slimmer body.

  2. Great job and keep up the good work!
    It is always hard the first couple of weeks but then you adjust. I need to start on my weight goals soon.

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