Happy 2017 everyone! I know we’re already 10 days into the year so my post is a little late but hey, it’s really never too late to set goals, right?! And in all reality, I did make these goals ahead of time, I just haven’t put them out there for you all yet! 🙂

Personal Goals

First, lets get into our personal goals for the year.

1. Lose 200lbs Collectively

One of the biggest goals my wife and I have is to collectively lose 200lbs. And this is the goal that we will be focusing on the hardest for the year. She wants to lose 100 and I would love to lose 100. Losing that much would put her at goal weight but even when I lose that much I will still only be a little over half way to goal. Now, i realize this is a huge undertaking and may not be the most realistic goal we’ve ever made but hey go big or go home, right?! Honestly, I will be happy as long as I way less on 1/1/18 than I do now. Whether that’s 20lbs or the full 100. But we are really going to shoot for all of it though!

Our starting weights are 340.2 (mine) and 229.6.

What are we doing to make this happen, you may ask.. We are doing Weight Watchers! And My wife is working her little tail off at the gym!

2. Buy a House

Another goal we have for the year is to buy a house! We currently are renting and would love to finally be in our own place. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling soon on this, so stay tuned!

3. Become More Organized

I forget things. A lot. I really need to stop doing it too. So last weekend (well, the weekend of the 1st) we each got Happy Planners and stocked up on supplies! They are so fun and so cute! And so many etsy shops have some really cute things for it as well! These planners are like my new obsession and are already helping me get more organized.

4. Get Finances in Check

This is something my wife and I really need to get in check. I wasn’t much of a spender… unitl we had our son. Now I buy evvvverrrrything. We have way more baby stuff than he could ever need. So we really need to reel in our spending. I would love to get a rainy day fund started as well as paying down some of our debt. I will go into more detail in a future post. I would love to buy a house first so I can really break our finances down to you all and so I can set clear and concise goals.

Blog Goals

Next up are the goals I have for this blog.

As you all know I am still quite new to the blogging world but I do have some ideas on where I would like to see this thing go. So here are those things!

5. Post at Least Once a Week

I think this one is pretty clear lol I want to eventually get up to more posts per week, maybe 3? My issue right now is just time. Maybe if I work on Goal 2 up there ^^ I can better manage my time and work up to 3 but we shall see!

6. Social Media/Subscribers

I would love to get a minimum of 5000 followers on each social media site that I am on (shameless plug coming.. if you want to follow me check out my follow buttons to the right!). Also, I would like to reach 5000 subscribers.. some cool things are currently in the works for my subscribers! (subscription box is to the right too 😉 )

I’m off to a good start but I really want to grow them so I have a wide audience that I am reaching.

Here are my current stats:

  • Pinterest: 338 followers
  • Google+: 93 followers
  • Instagram: 1047 followers
  • Twitter: 1521 followers
  • Facebook Page: 617 Likes
  • Blog: 17 subscribers

If I work hard enough, I truly believe these numbers will grow!

7. Monetize

I would really like to start monetizing this blog. My goals aren’t too huge with this one because I’m still so new and I’m really still exploring how to even do this but by the end of the year I would like to break even with my hosting costs and any course I may take. That’s it. If I break even, I will be a happy camper!

Well, there you have it! Our goals for the year! What will you be accomplishing this year?

Much Love,



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My name is Amanda and I am married to my lovely wife and we have a wonderful son together! I enjoy a little bit of everything, but I am a little obsessed with being a mom, fertility/pregnancy, and being organized!
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57 thoughts on “7 Goals for 2017

  1. Cool post. It’s puts insight on you, the blogger. I like it. I might do a similar post since I have similar goals. Defiantly coming back and seeing where you go.

  2. I love your goal list and the way you’re implementing planners to help you achieve what you’ve set out to accomplish this year. I especially love that you and your wife are endeavoring to make your changes together, which is awesome! I’ve written a goal oriented post on my blog as well, though it’s for a much shorter term (just the first quarter of this year). If you’d like, you can view it here: https://authorbrandikennedy.blogspot.com/2017/01/thursday-thoughts-quarterly-goals-2017-1.html

    1. Thank you! Ive always thought that setting goals with a partner always helps you actually achieve them, they make you accountable! I will definitely check it out!

  3. Great goals for 2017, and you’re right – it’s never too late to start setting them! I look forward to following along to see how you go (and how interesting, as soon as you asked for follows on social media I clicked on the links… its funny how the simplest things (i.e. asking nicely) gets your followers to do what you want!)

  4. These goals are great mama! I’m also trying to grow my blog and social media outlets.

  5. I think your goal list looks very reasonable. About posting more often, once a week in this case, is somethign I can relate too. With busy lives, I just find it impossible to update more often so it’s a goal I set for myself as well.

    1. When I started blogging (a whopping 4 months ago), I initially set out to do a post every day. Yikes! Bad idea!! That was way too hard to keep up with and I felt so overwhelmed! I think, for now, just 1 post a week is perfect for me!

  6. some great goals – well done for joining weight watchers! I think they are the best when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off

  7. I love that you have goals for every aspect of your life. It’s good to have plans for the year, especially personal goals. I’m sure you’ll do just fine! Here’s to a lovely 2017!

  8. We are working on buying a house this year too! It is so stressful. Good luck to you!

  9. That planner is just adorable! I’m sure you’ll be able to handle all your goals just fine! I’m also trying my best to stay fit this year.

  10. These are all great goals! I know that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to doing.

  11. I have some similar goals when it comes to my blogging. I want to monetize more than I did last year.

  12. I think it’s awesome that you and your wife are on your weight loss journey together… having a partner that’s on your team makes it SO much easier! Cheering you on – you got this 🙂

  13. You have listed some great goals. Also, your blog looks great and you are doing well with your social media channels.

  14. Great goals! I am right there with you with #7!!! I’d love to have you as a guest on my blog ❤

  15. You have some great goals! I have similar ones as I am working on becoming healthier and trying to make more time for my blog. Good luck 🙂

  16. I share many of those same goals and will be cheering you on! I’ve done Weight Watchers before and it definitely worked. Time to go back to it for me!

  17. Let’s all look forward to achieving them! Your December post should revisit this one. Good luck and happy 2017!

  18. You’re off to a great start. You’ve got seven SMART goals and the point isn’t always to achieve them all. But if you never set goals you can’t achieve them.

    1. Thank you! That’s so true. We may not hit each goal but at least focusing on working towards them is all that matters in the end!

  19. We all have certain goals to start every year and this is a great list from you to get the best out of this year. Buying a House is something we are dreaming for long and I would definitely love to be more organized too!

  20. These are awesome goals! I am so inspired by you two with your weight loss goals! As far as the blog goes, you got this. I believe so much in putting things out there and then working towards them. A busy but fun year is ahead for you two!

  21. Those are some great goals to have! I love how honest you are. I could lose some weight too, but I need motivation!! ack. Good Luck in the new year!

  22. These are some great goals! I love the idea of those organisers. I’ve been looking at some myself I think they’re fabulous. especially if you can get them personalised.
    All the best in achieving your 2017 goals.

    1. The most personalizable planners I have found are Happy Planners or Plum Paper planners. And although you can’t customize them as much Erin Condren planners are reaaaaallly nice, so tempted to get one!

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