Can you believe it’s already February?! This year is flying by already! Since it’s been a whole month, I figured I would give you all an update on how our goals for this year I’m going.

So let’s just jump right in…

Personal Goals

1. Lose 200lbs Collectively

We have made a lot of changes this past month, in terms of getting healthier. I am on Weight Watchers and am absolutely loving it. I have made sure to stay in my healthy eating range EVERY day this month! We have swapped out all of the bad food in our house for healthier foods. We have eaten at home the majority of the month, which is actually pretty rare for us. We are exercising more and even planning to do a 5K soon! I will say my wife is doing much better at that than me though! So I know that if we continue on this path we will definitely hit our goals!

Here are our current weights:
Mine: 330.2 ย so a loss of 10lbs!!
Wife’s: 227.0 so a loss of 2.6lbs!!

So we have lost 12.6 all together of the 200 that we want to lose. We are about 4lbs less of being on track to lose that 200 but we are losing and that’s the most important thing!

2. Buy a House

We have been pre-qualified!!!!! Now we are just waiting on our pre approval letter so we can get to shopping and put an offer in! I’m so excited for this next step!

3. Become More Organized

You guys! I have become obsessed with planners! I know I showed you my happy planner at the beginning of the year but now I have added a bullet journal to the mix and I am loving it! I think both planners have really helped me, I am forgetting less and just feel overall more focused!

You will have to excuse my awful handwriting and I would like to point out that most of these spreads are not my original idea. I just liked them so much I wanted to use them myself and make them my own! ๐Ÿ™‚

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4. Get Finances in Check

I set up a budget for last month and while we did exceed our budget, I would like to think we didn’t spend as much if I hadn’t established a budget. I think eating healthier has really helped this out too, since we aren’t eating out as much.

I had also mentioned that I wanted to work on paying down our debt. Well we haven’t made much progress in this regard, except paying the minimum payments. I did however, sit down and figure out how much in debt we are, which I think is a good start! Now I know we are about to add a major debt in buying a house but I do want to give you all a starting point in where we are at so at the end of the year we can hopefully make a big dent!

Loans: $985
Credit Cards: $5116
Cars: $32,212

Total: $38,313

That number seems really scary and of course we are about to add a huge number to it but I have faith that we can really start working on some of our smaller debts and get those out-of-the-way.

Blog Goals

5. Post at Least Once a Week

I’ve already failed at this, I didn’t post 1 week. But hey, that doesn’t mean I give up! I mean, I am posting twice this week so I think that makes up for it!

6. Social Media/Subscribers

My goal this year was to reach 5000 followers/likes/subscribers in all of my social media accounts. While some are on their way to making that happen, some are really struggling!

Here are my current stats:

Pinterest:ย 519 Followers (increase of 181) = on track
Google+:ย 147 Followers (increase of ย 54) = needs work
Instagram: 1,259 Followers (increase of 212) = on track
Twitter: 2,174 Followers (increase of 653) = on trackย 
Facebook Page: 653 Likes (increase of 36) = on track
Blog:ย 37 Subscribers (increase of 20) = needs work

This month I am going to really focus on Google + and getting more E-mail subscribers for this blog. I’m not too sure what I’m going to do for Google +, but I am going to do some research. I do have a couple of printables in the works that hopefully will help that number grow!

7. Monetize

I have joined a few affiliate platforms but haven’t gotten any takers yet but I am working on it!

So that’s it! This is how our year has started and personally, I think it’s off to a great start!

How is yours going?





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My name is Amanda and I am married to my lovely wife and we have a wonderful son together! I enjoy a little bit of everything, but I am a little obsessed with being a mom, fertility/pregnancy, and being organized!
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53 thoughts on “7 Goals for 2017 – Update #1

  1. I have a lot of these same goals for my blog this year! How exciting to be looking to by a home! Good Luck and happy house hunting!!

  2. My goals are going well this year!
    Congrats on the weight loss!
    I am absolutely obsessed with planners too, I use them all of the time!
    Your goals are all coming along so well!

  3. Omg I feel like I could sit and chit chat with you all day over your goals. They are so exciting! We just bought our first home and it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world! Also, I would love to help you with the monetizing part of your blog. I don’t have a post or a course or anything because I don’t focus on blogging about blogging yet, but I’d love to pass on what has worked for me. I’m seriously rooting for you to make all of these happen! I hope you will post updates!

    1. Aw thank you so much!! I for sure will be posting updates! My goal is to do them monthly ๐Ÿ™‚ I would definitely be interested in any information you have to share! My email is or you can find me on any of the social media platforms! (my profiles are to the right) You are awesome!!

  4. Sounds like your making small baby steps in your goals! I think that means your doing great, personally! Congrats on the weight loss and the house and keep striving forward with it!!! Hope that your able to meet your goals.

  5. Sounds like you are on the right track for they year! Congrats on the loan! That is always super exciting, now the fun part of finding that perfect house. I am considering starting weight watchers myself. I have been hesitant due to the points thing, but it can’t be any worse than counting calories, right?

    1. Lol I actually like the points thing because it takes more into consideration than just calories.. like fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, protein, etc. So if something is high in calories but also high in protein, it will bring the points down! But on the flip side, if it’s low in calories but high in sugar, that will bring the points up! (this is all in the app so no math will be required lol, you just search for food or scan in the product!) And all veggies and fruits are 0 points so you can eat as many as you want. This is the first “diet” ive been on that im not absolutely starving by the end of the day and still losing weight!

  6. These are great goals! I have set quite a few myself this year. I’ve just recently started blogging and I have quite a few goals there. Congratulations on the house buying, that’s so exciting! Looking forward to seeing how well you do! You got this!

  7. Some really great goals there but 200lbs is a big one – really hope you guys get there! Getting finances in order is one of mine too – I’m hoping to buy a house this year so I need to get my budget sorted!

  8. Congratulations on making so much progress toward your goals. I think having updates like this will help a lot – there’s really something to be said for accountability, right? I’ve started doing quarterly goals on my blog this year, and I find myself always thinking of my goals now in a way that I wasn’t consciously doing before. Knowing that I plan to report on those goals publicly is just the kick-in-the-pants that I needed!

  9. Best wishes on your weight loss, blog, finances and buying a new home! Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on, but, don’t forget that all things are possible with Jesus Christ! You got this!

  10. Looking good! I heard another great weight to lose weight is through monitoring your Vitamin D. We are all so heavy deficient in it. When I started to up my Vitamin D, I noticed a decrease of weight within days. I’m down almost 10 lbs in under a month with no changes to diet.

  11. Congratulations! one of my goals for this 2017 is to loose weight too, I need to eliminate all the extra pound I got after my pregnancy!

  12. Congratulations on being a step closer to getting the house! and also for the other achievements. You guys are doing great. yes some of the goals were not met, but within a short preiod of time, you have managed to achieve so much! Keep up the good work.

  13. Great Goals! The accountability is what strikes me, I am new to blogging and do it primarily because I love it, I need to hold myself more accountable in my goal setting for not just my personal life, but my blog as well. This is inspiring! Thanks!

    1. Yes, writing them down and letting people know is a great way to keep yourself accountable! I know it sure helps me!

  14. Oh wow! Such great goals and challenging ! Definitely believe you can do it and if you don’t succeed the first time- don’t give up! I’m rooting for you! xoxo

  15. Looks like you’re ahead of your game! It’s nice that you’re switching to a healthier lifestyle, that also means you’re taking good care of your health for your son. Congratulations on being listed to buy a house. Everything seems to be working out great.

  16. I hope to achieve all your goals in 2017 ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything seems to be working awesome for you <3

  17. I love this. It is so great that you are being accountable to your readers! That is awesome you are already making progress. We are currently under contract on our own house! It is so exciting but nerve-wracking.


  18. Getting more organized is the key to success. Once you’ve achieved that, you’ll see improvement in other areas of your life. Good luck attaining these goals!

  19. I love these goals! Good work on the weight loss, definitely helps the bank balance by eating healthy. I love writing lists! I need to be more consistent with my blog posts, I definitely need to get a content plan underway. I need to start saving more, especially so I don’t need to stress about money when bub number two comes along.

  20. Sounds like great goals! From one WW member to another, GO YOU! I have a hard time sticking to my daily points. But this month, I made a habit tracker and I hope that even the small thrill of getting to color in the box that says I stayed WITHIN my points will keep me motivated to keep trekkin’.

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