When I was pregnant with our son I created this MASSIVE to-do list. I had divvied up everything I wanted to get done between each of my 40 weeks. When i say it was massive…. just ask my wife, it was freaking massive. I had everything I wanted to get done on the house (nesting much?), everything we needed to buy, everything we needed to research. Like it was a 12 page long word document. For real. Well, I condensed it down a bit (took off all our personal stuff) and am now going to share with you all! Make sure you pass this a long to any of your expecting friends!

So here it goes.. The MEGA Pregnancy Check list.. and make sure to get your free printable here!

Week 6

  • Choose a Healthcare Provider and Schedule an AppointmentThey may confirm your pregnancy right away with a blood and/or urine test but you won’t have your first real appointment for a few more weeks
  • Start taking belly photosYes, even this early and yes even if you are a bigger girl! I reluctantly started taking belly photos because, as a big girl, I was convinced my body wouldn’t change much. And by golly was I wrong! I am definitely thankful I took those!
  • Pick up some pregnancy books. My favorite was “The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy”.
  • Download a pregnancy app. I really liked Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro (nice place to put all your bump photos!), Sprout (shows what baby really likes in development), and Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker (showed you the real size of your baby’s hand, it’s so cool!)
  • Buy a journal to record memories
  • Join a Due Date Club or a Birth Club. You can find these on Facebook or message boards like baby center, what to expect when you’re expecting and Just Mommies. I found mine on Just mommies! It was so nice to have a group of ladies who knew exactly what you were going through in that exact moment and share and compare. It’s even nice now even though all our babies are here!

Week 7

  • Start working on a budget for after baby gets here. 
  • Check into Parental Leave for both you and your partner. Does your company have it? How long do you get? Is it paid or unpaid? Only get 70% of your check? Etc.

Week 8

  • Check on your emergency fund. If don’t have one, now is the best time to start one.

Week 9

  • Buy a few maternity clothes. You’ll want a couple of pairs of pants, a few tops, new bra, and new underwear.

Week 10

  • Stock up on tums. You will need them. Trust me. I bought several bottles and stuck them everywhere. I had one in my purse, on my desk at work, on the bedside table, in the car. I was never without them. And the hair thing is a lie. I got heartburn early and often and my baby came out almost bold. 6 months old and he’s still bald.

Week 11

  • Plan a Babymoon. Best to have this right before your third trimester starts when things start getting uncomfortable. Of course, this is not something you have to do but it might we nice to. We didn’t take one because we got pregnant 6 weeks after our wedding. 5 weeks after returning from our honeymoon so we didn’t feel like we needed it. But if you’ve been married or together for a while and haven’t taken any kind of relaxing vacation, I would start planning it now and have it soon. Vacations after baby get a wee bit more complicated and typically not as relaxing.

Week 12

  • Announce Pregnancy!

Week 13

  • Sign up for a Prenatal Yoga class. I actually bought DVDs to do instead of a class (I’m super self-conscious), but I literally only did them once. It’s supposed to be really good for you though! Maybe I wouldn’t have been as uncomfortable at the end if I had kept up with it? Who knows.




Week 14

  • Share the news with your boss.
  • Start doing Kegels. I was awful at doing this one too, but hey, it’s supposed to be good for you.

Week 15

  • Go on a date with your partner! Try to squeeze these in as much as you can! Getting alone time together after baby is here is hard to come by. They don’t have to be big and extravagant. Just some time to really focus on the two of you as a two some before you had a new little person to the mix.
  • Get any needed dental work done now. Although you obviously can’t get x-rays, getting your teeth professionally cleaned is a good idea. Apparently bad oral hygiene can cause you to go in to preterm labor. Who would have thunk?

Week 16

  • Start looking at childcare options. If you are going to need this I would start looking into now. Some daycares require several months notice or the one you really want to use might have a waiting list!
  • Start tackling home improvement projects. These will also be hard to do once baby gets here, so start and finish them now. Do rooms need painted? Does your lawn need some landscaping done? Any repairs that need done?

Week 17

  • Enroll in a big sibling class. My hospital offered these free of charge (all their classes were free, which i thought was really nice) and I thought it was a great idea! We obviously didn’t need this but if you have older children, you may want to think about taking one of these.
  • Go on a date with your partner!
  • Start actually writing down your to-do lists. Pregnancy brain is REAL (totally attempted to cook a lasagna in a cold over for over an hour.. then was confused why the cheese wasn’t melted when I took it out). You will become super forgetful so go ahead and start jotting things down. You’ll be grateful you did!

Week 18

  • Enroll in a breastfeeding class. If you are planning to breastfeed, go ahead and take a breastfeeding class. Although it’s natural, it can be tricky! I learned a lot from the class I took.
  • Take an infant CPR class. It’s just good stuff to know.

Week 19

  • Research insurance options for baby. You can’t add them to your plan yet because they have to be born first (I know, it’s such a pain), but it’s good to know how your cost will change and what you will need to do in order to get baby on your plan. If you are going with a separate plan, it’ll be good to know who you want to go through because it’ll be easier to pick out a pediatrician and you’ll be able to tell your hospital. If you do not tell your hospital a specific pediatrician or pediatric group, they will give you whichever pediatrician is on call, which may not be covered by your insurance! So make sure you have that information ready to go!
  • Go on a date!

Week 20

  • Have 2nd trimester screen. You can find out the gender at this point, if you would like. My personal preference is to wait until birth. (see my reasons here of why you should wait too 🙂 )
  • Start planning your baby shower. Now would be a good time to get with the planner of your baby shower and talk logistics! The who, when, where, etc.

Week 21

  • Enroll in a Child Birth Class. I really enjoyed the one we went to. Granted, it was a lot of information just repeated from books and a lot of blogs and articles BUT what I liked most about it was it gave our hospital specific policies. Like they do skin-to-skin right away, so therefore all family besides the parents are kicked out of the room for the first hour, they don’t bathe right away, only 2 people allowed in when you are pushing, etc So that’s why I encourage you to take it because every hospital is different!
  • Start thinking and finalizing baby names. It’s just a good time to do that now. You are in the downhill swing now!

Week 22

  • Decide on a nursery theme. This is when it gets fun!
  • Order nursery furniture. If you are ordering your nursery furniture, then now is a good time to get those orders in. Furniture can take a while to come in sometimes and you want to be able to have time to set it all up before you get too uncomfortable. Things you want to think about ordering are a crib, changing table/dresser, glider/rocker (with or without an ottoman), an end table, and a book-case.

Week 23

  • Buy crib extras. So now that you have your crib and nursery picked out, it’s time to get all the fun stuff that go with it, so a mattress, mattress protector, crib sheets (at the bare minimum I would have 2), and a mobile.
  • Buy a humidifier. While you’re on a spending spree, go ahead and add this one to the list.
  • Buy some more maternity clothes. You’re belly will be growing rapidly now, so better have some bigger clothes on hand.
  • Check on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure they all are working properly and have batteries. If you currently do not have these in your home, now is the time to get and install them.

Week 24

  • Buy a baby bathtub. They’re cute.
  • Research doulas. If you are planning to use a doula, go ahead and start researching the ones in your area and the policies. Go ahead and also start your interviews and get deciding soon. A lot of doulas will only take a certain amount of women due around a certain time (which is totally understandable), so better to get on the list now than to wait .
  • Get your partner to paint the nursery. You have to sit this one out, unfortunately.

Week 25

  • Buy baby clothes. Consignment and garage sales are your best friend when it comes to baby clothes. Baby clothes, while absolutely darling, can be so expensive! Especially for how little the clothes are and then how little they will wear them. And more than likely they will get spit up or pooped on within a few hours anyway. Just wash them before you put them away and you will be good to go!
  • Start a baby registry! I liked Target, Babies R Us, and Amazon!

Week 26

  • Buy some receiving blankets. Lots of them. My little guy hated being swaddled but we still use them for everything. They make great spit cloths!
  • Take off your rings. Starting to get a little swollen? It’s probably a good idea at this point to pop those puppies off. You don’t want your fingers to swell too much and lose circulation or something and then not be able to get them off at all. If you are hesitant not to have your wedding rings on you, you can always get a nice chain and wear it around your neck until baby arrives.
  • Get your travelling done now. Have any places you need to go? Get it done now.. You won’t be able or want to travel soon.


Week 27

  • Decide on a pediatrician. Research and interview pediatricians in your area and make a decision so you can tell the hospital who you are going with.
  • Buy some diapers and wipes. I’ve always thought it was a good idea to stock up on these items before baby gets here. Baby will go through soooooo many diapers those first few months, so it’s good to have lots on hand so you don’t have to get out to get some. This applies to both cloth and disposables. I would get both ready now, whichever you’re planning on using.

Week 28

  • Work on your birth plan. Who do you want in the room with you? Will you be getting any pain medications? Will you want the lights dimmed or off? WIll you want soft music playing? Now’s a good time to get all those decisions in writing.

Week 29

  • Tour your hospital. This will give you a better picture of what to expect when the big day happens.
  • Baby proof the house. This is something that doesn’t necessarily have to be done now. But now that my son is about to be mobile, I wish we would have done it before he got here. Would of made it a lot easier.
  • Pick out birth announcements. They have some really cute ones on etsy that you can buy a download for. You just download and then when the time comes you can edit the information, send it to your local photography center (like CVS or walmart), print and send!

Week 30

  • Take an infant care class. Though it seems like stuff you might already know, there were little things here and there that I had no idea about that I learned from the class I took. Stuff I probably would have freaked out over had I not known, like Mongolian spots (they look like a bruise), or cradle cap, or baby acne.
  • Start doing fetal kick counts. By now your baby may have a pretty predictable pattern of when they are most active. So keep track of those kick counts so you know when something isn’t quite right.
  • Start drinking red raspberry leaf tea. It has some amazing benefits! Head on over to Messy Mom Bun to read all about it HERE! She will give you the scoop on why you should be drinking it and how you should be!

Week 31

  • Buy a car seat. I would also read up on car seat safety, it’s very important and not a lot of stuff that you might not automatically think of.
  • Have your baby shower!

Week 32

  • Make freezer meals. These will be great for when baby gets here! You can just pop it in the oven, no prepping necessary!
  • Wash baby clothes and linens. Make sure to wash all your baby’s clothes and blankets before using them. Even when brand new. Baby’s skin can be really sensitive. Special baby detergent really isn’t necessary, though. Just make sure you dye free and fragrance free soap, like All Free and Clear.

Week 33

  • Buy remaining items on your registry. Didn’t get everything you needed on your registry? Well now’s the good time to get it. Plus, most stores you register at will give you a discount!
  • Put stroller together. Figure out how it works, those things can be super pesky!
  • Test drive your baby carrier. Planning to baby wear? Those things can also be pesky the first few times you wear it, test it out on your partner (it probably won’t fit over the belly at this point) and get the hang of it.
  • Get your car detailed. This will be the last time it’s clean again for a while.

Week 34

  • Buy any decorations for the nursery. Hobby Lobby and The Home Store have some really cute things to put on baby’s walls!
  • Set up nursery. Grab your partner and get all the final details together on the baby’s room. This is when it get’s real.
  • Take some maternity pictures. I was really hesitant to get these but I’m glad I did. You don’t have to get them professionally done or anything, just grab a friend and get some nice shots. You’ll be glad you have them!

Week 35

  • Get tested for Group B Strep. It’s sort of like a pap smear. Fun stuff.
  • Set up Pack n Play/bassinet. Or whatever or wherever your baby will be sleeping in when they come home.
  • Buy a baby book. These are so fun!

Week 36

  • Pack your hospital bag. You’re getting so close!!
  • Install car seat and have it checked. You can usually get it checked at any fire station and they will be able to tell you if it’s properly installed or not. If you are using an infant bucket seat, make sure you leave the seat out and only put it back in when it’s go time. Heaven forbid you are in an accident you would only have to replace the base as opposed to the whole seat.
  • Load up your Netflix and Kindle queue. This may surprise some of you, but you will need this done. You will find yourself, more often than not, stuck on your couch underneath a baby, afraid to move because you’ve worked hard to get them to sleep and you want them to stay that way. So make sure you have lots of things to watch on Netflix or Hulu and then some books as well on your Kindle (or whatever reading device you may have) while you’re sitting there stranded.

Week 37

  • Have your house professionally cleaned. That’s just one less thing to worry about! And plus, at this point (unless you’re nesting), cleaning is the last thing you want to or are able to do. Let the professionals handle it.
  • Buy some bottles and formula. Bottles are good to have on hand, even if you are breastfeeding, just in case your little has some latching issues or a lip or tongue tie that would make it painful for you to latch. If you have bottles on hand, you can pump and then give your baby milk that way. I wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy formula, even if you are planning to use it because your baby could be sensitive and/or picky to the kind of formula they like. Most OB’s and pediatrician offices have samples, just ask and they will kindly give you some. Even if you are planning on breastfeeding, I would have a can or 2 just in case. Some people say if you have it in the house you will be too tempted to use it. But trust me, if you are bound and determined to breastfeed you won’t think twice about that can. Even when I was only producing drops of breast milk, it took everything in me to finally open that can of formula.
  • Have a spa day! Go get yourself a massage, a manicure, a pedicure. The whole 9 yards! You deserve it!

Week 38

  • Stock up on household/personal items. You won’t want to go out of the house and get these when baby gets here. Although, you probably won’t want to go to the store at this point, the walking around may help get labor started 🙂 I would stock up on things like paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates and plastic utensils (less dishes to do!), shampoo and conditioner, body wash, toothpaste and mouthwash, and pads. Lots of pads.
  • Make a plan for when labor starts. Who to call, who’s driving you, who’s grabbing the bags, etc.

Week 39

  • Go on a date!
  • Relax

Week 40+

  • Go on another date and relax some more!
  • Don’t panic! Baby will be here soon enough 🙂

So there you have it! The Mega Pregnancy Checklist! Have you downloaded your FREE printable check list yet?? Well click HERE and it’s all yours!

Did I leave anything out? Make sure to comment and let me know!


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47 thoughts on “The Mega Pregnancy Checklist – Week by Week

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  4. Great job on the breakdown! This looks super helpful! The only think I would add would be to check around for gently used stuff rather than buying everything new! You can pick up so much stuff for free or a fraction at garage sales or consignment shops. I know that it can be tempting to purchase so many things new for your newborn, but they just grow out of it so quickly and there’s no need to be spending crazy retail prices on clothes they are only going to wear once or twice!

    1. Thank you! Yes!! So true! I mentioned it briefly when buying clothes but I should of mentioned it for everything else as well. Most of our stuff was used, still looks and works great!

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